“Judge Herndon’s experience, reputation, and work ethic make him the clear choice for Nevada Supreme Court. Doug is an excellent judge and has earned our support.”

Former Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval

"Judge Herndon's well-earned reputation as a highly-respected, fair and consistent jurist made the choice easy for me."

Elaine Wynn, Trustee, Elaine P. Wynn & Family Foundation

“Doug Herndon is a tireless, respected judge. He’s exactly the right person to be added to our state’s highest court. He has earned our support.”

Former Nevada Governor Bob List

“Nobody works harder than Doug Herndon. He has earned the respect of his peers and the legal community. Doug is the clear choice for Supreme Court.”

Former Nevada Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison

"Judge Doug Herndon has many years of experience and an excellent reputation as a judge. He has conducted trials in both Northern and Southern Nevada and has a great appreciation for the diversity of communities and issues around our great state. I think he will make an exceptional Supreme Court Justice."

Former Nevada Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa

“Judge Doug Herndon is one of Nevada’s most respected Judges. He has earned our support and is exactly who we need right now on our state’s highest court.”

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo

“I have no hesitation in supporting you in your effort to become a Supreme Court Justice. Your service to our community as a District Attorney for 13 years, and a District Court Judge for 15 years, makes you uniquely qualified to serve as a member of the highest court in our state. Our community needs honest, hard-working, fair and sincere people on the bench, and I believe you possess those qualities, and many more.”

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson

“Doug Herndon distinctly understands the criminal justice system. From his time as a prosecutor in Clark County to his long-time service on the Eighth Judicial District Court, Doug is the only candidate for Supreme Court Seat D who has the experience and temperament our Supreme Court needs. I am pleased to endorse him.”

Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam

"The Nevada Supreme Court is one of the busiest courts in the nation. Judge Douglas Herndon is running for that office. His experience as a litigator and Clark County District Judge gives him a clear advantage over his opponents in providing Justice for all Nevadans."

A. William Maupin, Chief Justice (Retired), Nevada Supreme Court

District Attorneys

Jason Woodbury
Carson City

Art Mallory
Churchill County

Mark Jackson
Douglas County

Robert Glennen
Esmeralda County

Theodore Beutel
Eureka County

Stephen Rye
Lyon County

Bryce Shields
Pershing County

Chris Hicks
Washoe County


Ken Furlong
Carson City

Daniel Coverley
Douglas County

Aitor Narvaiza
Elko County

Kenneth Elgan
Esmeralda County

Jesse Watts
Eureka County

Darin Balaam
Washoe County

Legal Community Quotes from the 2019 Judging the Judges Survey

“The best judge in Nevada, full stop, and it’s not even close really.”

“The best we have. District Court is lucky to have kept him this long – he is easily qualified to do bigger/better things.”

“One of the best judges on the bench. Always prepared and thoughtful. He does not always rule the way I want – but I know that he will make a fair and appropriate decision.”

“Excellent judge, rarely makes a mistake.”

“Easily, and by far, the best judge in the courthouse.”

“Judge Herndon is a model judge. Always prepared, professional, thoughtful, and intelligent.”

“Judge Herndon continues to be the very best on the bench!”

“Judge Herndon is by far the most competent, courteous, fair, and proficient judge I have had the pleasure of appearing before.”

“Best trial judge on the bench. Absolutely knows the rules and applies them fairly. A pleasure to practice in this judge’s courtroom.”

“Judge Herndon is an exemplary jurist. He is engaged and actively seeks to get every decision right. He is one of only a few judges in the district court considered to be the best!”

“Best judge on the bench.”

“Excellent judicial demeanor, understanding of the law, and applying the facts to the law, and being absolutely unbiased.”

“Judge Herndon is a pleasure to appear in front of. He is always courteous, thoughtful and knowledgeable. “

“One of the best judges on the bench. I hope he stays forever. Great demeanor and fair.”

“A nice guy and a fair judge. Thanks Judge Herndon.”

“Judge Herndon is undeniably one of the top judges in Clark County. He is a very strong judge, who controls his courtroom, but does so with tact and respect. His rulings are always well thought out and he remains open to new concepts, considering them before ruling.”

“Judge Herndon’s calendars should be a model for other judges. He moves things along, but gives attorneys time to make a record. His decisions are fair and well-reasoned. He is polite and courteous to all parties.”

“Judge Herndon is intelligent, compassionate and very engaged in trying to fix the problems in the criminal justice and court system.”

“One of the hard working judges on the bench.”

“Judge Herndon is easily one of the best judges currently on the bench. He is knowledgeable, respectful and makes sound decisions.”