The right experience matters | Douglas Herndon

Thank you so much for the opportunity to provide some information to your readers about who I am and about my judicial election. My name is Douglas Herndon and I am a state District Court judge running for election to the Nevada Supreme Court, Seat D. This is an open seat due to the retirement of Justice Mark Gibbons.

In Nevada, judicial elections are, as they should be: nonpartisan. These are not elections about politics or special interests; rather, they are about identifying candidates with the qualifications to serve fairly and impartially. The Nevada Supreme Court is an incredibly busy and complicated court. In an election as critical as this, now, maybe more than ever before, the right experience matters.

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Judicial debate: Nevada Supreme Court, Seat D: Judge and assemblyman outline legal philosophies

A state legislator and a district judge battling for a seat on the Nevada Supreme Court explained their individual judicial philosophies during a Las Vegas Review-Journal debate.

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RJ Endorsements: Nevada Supreme Court, District Court primaries

Letters to the editor

As Americans, we are grateful and fortunate to have so many senators, congressman and the president sign on to protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights as individual citizens.

NRA and U.S. lawmakers join D.C. v. Heller plaintiffs in filing briefs with U.S. Supreme Court: On Thursday, Feb. 7, NRA and the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund submitted an amicus curiae brief to the United States Supreme Court in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller. This “friend of the court” brief supports a lower federal appeals court decision holding that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, and asserts that the D.C. bans on handguns, on carrying firearms within the home, and on possession of loaded or operable firearms for self-defense violate that fundamental right.

Guinn names Herndon district judge


CARSON CITY — Douglas Herndon, chief deputy district attorney for the special victims unit in Clark County, has been named district judge by Gov. Kenny Guinn.

Guinn made the announcement Tuesday with Herndon, 41, that he will succeed Ron Parraguirre, who was elected to the Nevada Supreme Court.

EDITORIAL: Watkins, Herndon, Johnson, Crockett for District Court

Clark County voters will decide 28 judgeships this fall, 15 in District Court and 13 in Family Court. The roadside campaign signs for these races, which line entire city blocks across the valley, are reminders of the importance of the judiciary, and the importance of electing qualified, experienced candidates to the bench.

Team of homicide judges aims to speed up cases in Las Vegas

In an effort to accelerate the sometimes-slow wheels of justice, a team of four Clark County judges will oversee almost all murder cases starting this week.

With a growing list of more than 300 defendants charged with murder, Clark County District Court has launched a program to funnel the most serious trials into what has been planned as a yearlong effort that could be extended.