The right experience matters | Douglas Herndon

Thank you so much for the opportunity to provide some information to your readers about who I am and about my judicial election. My name is Douglas Herndon and I am a state District Court judge running for election to the Nevada Supreme Court, Seat D. This is an open seat due to the retirement of Justice Mark Gibbons.

In Nevada, judicial elections are, as they should be: nonpartisan. These are not elections about politics or special interests; rather, they are about identifying candidates with the qualifications to serve fairly and impartially. The Nevada Supreme Court is an incredibly busy and complicated court. In an election as critical as this, now, maybe more than ever before, the right experience matters.

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Judicial debate: Nevada Supreme Court, Seat D: Judge and assemblyman outline legal philosophies

A state legislator and a district judge battling for a seat on the Nevada Supreme Court explained their individual judicial philosophies during a Las Vegas Review-Journal debate.

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